Change on the horizon

With a journey of almost 3 years behind us, we would like to thank you all for your support in establishing what was once only a dream; Focus Yoga & Pilates. Our members and patrons are the single most important part of everything we do and we’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes.

We’re doing our best to offer you the perfect Yoga & Pilates class experience and instructors, but we’re always looking to improve your experience. So this year we’ve decided to focus on meaningful changes that personify what we stand for as a company. 

We want to make a difference in your lives and help you get healthy and stay healthy. Whether you want to heal discomforts or keep moving as a health initiative supporting prevention over cure, we want to keep you accountable and always focused on your health goals. 

New specialised 8-week courses

In March this year, all our classes will be transformed into specialised 8-week courses developed specifically for stronger and better movement. Each class will be limited to 7 people offering a more focused, personalised, boutique style experience. We believe you don’t need more time to exercise, just more deliberate focus while doing so!

Classes will continue to run as normal until Saturday the 16th of March. Our new courses will begin the week after. Bookings for these courses will become available online as soon as they are released. Spaces in the classes will be limited so we encourage you to book yourself into your favourite course right away to avoid missing out.

What does that mean for you?

– A focused approach to your yoga and pilates practice, which will enable you to create measurable health goals and see yourself reach them within a solid time frame.

– Smaller classes, with instuctors offering you better assitance and attention, personalising the class to what you need.

– More classes on the timetable

What happens to your current Pass or Membership?


All 4 and 10 class passes will now expire on the 16th of March 2019. Those who have passes that expire after this date will be contacted directly by our Front Desk staff.


All memberships will be ceased prior to the last billing date before the 16th of March 2019. Those currently on memberships will be contacted directly by our Front Desk staff.

Why the changes?

After three years of running the studio and multiple increases in rent – without changing the pricing structure of the studio – we have now been faced with a rent increase which makes our current studio model no longer sustainable. This challenge has resulted in hours and hours of brainstorming with our instructors on how we would be able to move forward, essentially keeping our studio alive, and continuing to provide healing through movement to the community with Yoga & Pilates classes.

We’ve decided not to renew the lease on the current studio space. We’ll be moving the studio across the hall to the other side of the centre. Moving into this new space will require some changes to the way we run classes. We’ll be shifting away from the traditional studio model of open classes, memberships and passes. Instead, by the end of March, our classes will be transformed into specialised 8-week courses, each class limited to 7 people. At its core, our new studio will be dedicated to offering a more focused and personalised experience. The new structure will enable collaboration between our instructors and chiropractor to develop classes specifically tailored for stronger and better movement.

We understand this will be a substantial change to the routine many of you have grown to love, so alongside 8-week course purchases, if spaces are available in courses, we will be offering a drop-in option for those unable to commit to the entire course. Of course, there are many more details to share. We will continue to be in touch and keep you in the loop. Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram to receive regular updates as things begin to shift and take shape. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Raffi or Lidia directly at [email protected].

For now, continue to enjoy your classes and we will continue to be in touch and keep you in the loop as things begin to shift and take shape.

Thanks again for being a part of our community.