Family Time with Yoga

It’s heartwarming to see the kind of play that emerges between parents and their children in family yoga sessions. There are always great belly laughs as families work together to build postures or tackle a ‘stretch for their toes’. It’s the sort of family time that surpasses even the best day out to the bowling alley.

With no previous yoga experience being required, family yoga sessions take you through the ropes of basic yoga poses, emphasising creative play, animated breathing exercises, visualisation, dance, games and soothing relaxation. Such an environment is fostered that teaches children the foundations of mind-body health, respect for each other and present time consciousness.

Any activity centred on physical health and mental alertness that families can undertake together is a blessing. In addition, all the moves you picked up from the class can be taken off the mat and into the park, beach or even your lounge room. While there are many moments of fun interaction, there are also times for reflection, conflict resolution and quiet connection.

At Focus Yoga & Pilates we offer monthly family yoga sessions to encourage parents to take an hour away from the day-to-day distractions of technology and chores, cultivating a connection with their loved ones through fun, play and yoga. Our classes are tailored towards kids and their keen desire for discovery, movement, fun and exploration.

“We’ve had grandparents, aunts and uncles come along to our family yoga sessions as a way of creating an ‘outing’ for the kids” says Lidia. “I love it when dads come along and join in on the action. They always create a stronger base for the kids to climb all over with endless laughter that spills out into the halls of the studio”.

“One memory that stays with me” says Ray, a father of two, “is when at the end of a class Dilan wanted to snuggle with his sister. While they are normally arch enemies of the house, this gesture really gripped at my throat to see them show affection for one another like that. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience for my children and I”.

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